Tony MacAlpine European Tour Part 8: Can’t Get Enough

March 4, 2012

Budapest, Hungary


We played on March 4, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary, at venue called Club 202. It was the Wild Bill’s of Hungary: southwestern and cowboy decor everywhere. It was a big room, in an industrial section of Budapest. The staff was great and treated us very well.

We’d rolled into the club with a couple hours to spare, so we had some time to kill. The roads in eastern europe are the WORST. The ride was so bumpy that few of us slept. I was in the throes of the bus funk that had been going around, but trying not to give in. Tony, Mike, and I decided to explore a little, to find a place for a cup of coffee and a clean bathroom. We found a place close by and settled down for a bit. 

When it came time to pay up and go, it turned out the place wouldn’t take Euros, so Mike had to try and find some of the local currency, florents. If they had taken a 10-euro note from us, they would’ve made thrice what the bill was worth, but in the end Mike had to borrow 2,000 florents from the promoter, less than $10.

IMG_1189The venue had crazy decor: wall-to-wall southwestern/cowboy vibe, and lots of it. The backstage area was roomy and well-stocked, and they gave us lots of great food and some decent soup! After we got set up, I had a shower and settled down to chill out a bit.

IMG_1188Our show went well, but I wasn’t feeling great and had a few brain farts. We’ve really gotten pretty consistent, with the whole show varying less than 5% from night to night. We’re certainly a much different band than the one that played in the U.K. Tony and band played well and seemed to have a great time. The crowd was very receptive to both bands, very supportive. Aquiles sold so much merch that I had nearly broke down the whole rig before he got away. We’ve gotten pretty good at the routine now.

IMG_1199After the show, it was back on the bus, as we had a long drive ahead of us. I took a couple NyQuil tabs and went to bed.

Next stop: Bucharest, Romania

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